soloshow Sofie Van der Linden UNDERNEATH THE KITCHENTABLE

26 jan 2013

We're very happy to announce the first solo exhibition "UNDERNEATH THE KITCHENTABLE" by Sofie Van der Linden at Hopstreet Gallery.                                
On Saturday 26 January we welcome you on the vernissage from 14 till 19h.

The work of Sofie Van der Linden (°86 Antwerp) departs from the experience and the memory of certain spaces. She usually reconstructs those spaces with pencil on paper, sometimes adding short texts or spatial interventions. The mental space in the drawings plays an important role. Van der Linden draws a space as she remembers it. Detailed reproductions are alternated with empty spots - gaps in her memory. An abundance of lines creates unforeseen combinations and overlappings. By working on a larger scale there is a loss of control with regard to perspective and proportions. That way the drawings become a very personal expression of a place. The orientation, interpretation and recollection of the space are important.


Hopstraat 7 Rue du Houblon
B-1000 Brussels
T. +32 (0)2 511 05 55
OPEN: Thu - Fr - Sat 14 - 18h